May 31, 2018

Dont Give Up

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I started writing the keys to success and using videos to help in promoting the understanding of the law of attraction. One of the most important things for me about discussing the law of attraction is using my personal experience to relate to others. I have had lots of success with The Law of Attraction as well as sometimes when it did not work correctly for me. Th


ese times led me to a path of trying to understand where to fix the things that I need to so that I can get back on with creating my dream life.

   I know that no matter where on the path you are if you keep going and know the end result that you want everything will eventually fall into place. Sometimes you don't see that when you are stuck in a negative situation. Those are the times when you need to remind yourself that it may seem negative but that is part of your perception if you perceive the situation should be a stepping stone or learning experience to get where you really want to go then it ends up not being negative at all. Sometimes it is easier said than done so then it is down to taking things in small doses. It may be hard to change the whole situation but starting with one small area and just thinking one positive thought will plant a seed to grow and make everything turn out differently. Remember the law of attraction is always working whether you use it or not so it is best to take control of your life and practice what you can once you see a small amount of progress that will motivate you to continue. Another way to help yourself get out of a negative situation is to some times help someone who is in more need than you are it will put your life into perspective that there is always someone that has it worse off and finding an area to be grateful for will plant another seed of positivity and lead you Back on your path to creating your dream life.

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