Mar 17, 2018

The Nature of Reality?


Most of us have had someone in our lives tell us to be more realistic or see things as they are. Many times before winning first place in the Amateur National Championships in billiards I have been told that I should get a job and why would I try for something so difficult. At the time I didn't know it but I was making choices of a committed champion. I Chose to drive cross-country in a broken car with very little money believing that the championship money was waiting for me. My circumstances were less than ideal but I was committed to my imagination of how my life was coming closer and closer to me. long after winning I learned that by feeling and being fully committed to my belief I left a path open for the universe to bring me what I was already grateful for.

I have a couple of degrees but learning through science that your reality is shaped by your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about your life no matter what your current circumstances gives you the power to change any situation.

Have faith that if you feel in your heart what you see in your mind it will inevitably become so.

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  • Hello, my name is Amber Harmon.. I currently live in North Carolina but was born and raised in St.Petersburg FL I have 7 awesome and amazing children and 1 gorgeous granddaughter. I have spent most of my years as a stay at home Mommy only working a few odd and ends jobs. Now that my children are older I work full time at a very well known bakery in N.C. I was born to a very loving, nurturing and caring Mother and I have one biological Brother who is a pastor. I have expirenced some very troubled and hard times in my life but always knew there had to be more to life than feeling negative and unhappy all of the time.. About 3 years ago I turned to my dear friend Stacey Tonkin and asked her what she was doing that always made her so happy and positive all the time, that is when she introduced me to the law of attraction.. I was instantly hooked and began studying and learning as much as I could about it. I started applying it to my everyday life and saw results almost instantly.. I am now expirencing a happier and more positive life and now feel empelled to help others expirence the same. It is my great pleasure to spread as much love and healing as I can to others and I look forward to helping as many as I can on this amazing journey that we call life. Much love, peace and happiness, Amber Harmon
  • Ester hicks is one of the great spiritual teachers of our time. She encompasses Abraham which can be understood as the universal consciousness, higher self or even a symbol of information from other dimensions. Abraham hicks can be understood as a lot of things depending on who you ask. Abraham has described itself as group Consciousness from a non physical dimension.     Through meditation and years of focused connection to source energy Ester is able to connect with the energy of source and deliver to us information on how we can live our dreams as well as happiness through the law of attraction.    There's still so many things about the universe that we are learning. Einstein has already proven many years ago that there is more than one dimension. Abraham is dissemble that we can all learn from in order to incorporate more than just what we see into our lives to better who we are for our self and the world.
  • This is a good place to start when beginning to learn about the Law of attraction and how manifesting works. I like to come from the science side as it welcomes all faiths. Thoughts are like music. With every thought attached is a vibration or frequency. When you think something positive it sends that frequency out into the universe and anything that is on that frequency will begin to show up in your life. There are some variables that also affect this which can be learned through my life coaching course on the law of attraction.  Starting to monitor some of the 65,000 thoughts you have a day may seem quite overwhelming so it is easier to start with knowing what you want.   Start with one thing that you want in your life and start to visualize and picture it. When you do that it will start to send signals out into the universe to bring what you're thinking about into your life. 
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