The Law of Attraction has been a popular subject ever since Rhonda Byrne came out with the Secret. It explains the concept of  like attracts like .Many people have tried and failed to understand the concepts as well as get them to work in their lives. The law of attraction is the universal law understood by quantum physics. It claims your thoughts and feelings create your reality. It applies to each and every person regardless if they are aware of it or not.

  Learning how to understand this law and how are thoughts create reality can change our lives in ways that we cannot imagine. This book is written for all people who have an interest in changing their relationships, money or career circumstances for the better. Take control of the things in your life that you thought were left to chance. Realize that your imagination really does make an impact on the environment you experience daily. Once you begin to see the effects of how you can change the world around you by the frequency of your thoughts your life will never be the same.

Mental Fyre: Spark Your Flame of Creation Epub Version

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